• Q: Change Device in Profile.

    The files downloaded from are specific to the device registered in your Member Profile, and only one device can be registered at a time to a given account. If you use more than one Bushnell/iGolf compatible product, you will need separate accounts for each product.  If you have simply upgraded to a new Bushnell/iGolf product, you can contact iGolf via Live Chat online at

  • Q: My GPS handheld/watch is displaying 999, what does that mean?

    There are a few reasons the GPS will display 999.

  • Q: Can I use a Mac?
    A: is Mac compatible, though there are occasional problems with the Safari browser that comes standard with Mac operating systems.  Other free internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for Mac can be used instead of Safari to avoid these problems if they occur.

  • Q: How do I locate and manually download a golf course from

    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on the “Search Courses” tab
    3. Type the name of your course in to the search bar at the top of the page, leaving out things like ‘golf course’ and ‘country club’ from the name, and click ‘Search’
    4. Select your course from the list of possible matches below the search bar, clicking on the name of the course in the list.
    5. Once the detailed information about the course loads to the screen, make sure your device is plugged in to your computer via the provided USB cable.  It’s best to plug the device directly to the computer, rather than through a USB hub, keyboard, or printer peripheral. 
    6. Click on the “Download GPS Course File” button.
    7. Once the screen says ‘Sync Complete,’ your course has been downloaded.

  • Q: How do I update course information on my handheld GPS+ device? (Legacy)

    To perform a full sync connect your device to the computer, log in to and visit the "Device Setup" page. Select the "Sync Device" button and all front, center, back and custom point data will be updated on your device. The full sync should only take a few minutes depending on how many files need to be updated.

  • Q: Why do I need a membership?

    You are provided a free membership to You need this to sync/register your device, download new courses and receive software updates. Note - You are not required to log into after you register your device for the first time. You will always have access to the courses on your device and new courses from

  • Q: Can I download international courses?

    Your GPS device is preloaded with international courses.  However if you find your device does not have an international course you are looking for you can download the updated course at

  • Q: How do I update my contact information?

    Login to your account and go to your profile page. Click on the EDIT button to change or update your account information.

  • Q: I forgot my password?

    Please click on the Forgot Password link in the website footer.

  • Q: My Neo+ Watch won’t charge.

    There are two main things that cause the Neo + watch not to charge:
    Because the charging contacts on the Neo + watch are against your skin when it is worn, the contacts can get dirty and simply need to be cleaned.  This can be done by spraying ammonia based glass cleaner (such as Windex) on to the contacts and then scrubbing with a nylon brush (such as a toothbrush.)  Wipe the contacts with a paper towel and the watch should charge.
    The Neo + watch can’t charge while it shows the battery meter, so it needs to be showing its main watch face before it is hooked up to charge.  Simply press the ‘Menu’ button repeatedly until the time and date show on the watch, and then reconnect the charging cable.

  • Q: Can the battery in my GPS Watch be changed?

    Under the vast majority of circumstances, the batteries used in our GPS Watches will provide years of trouble free use, and will not need to be changed.  The warranty on the GPS watch will be void if the consumer tries to change the battery.  If you feel that your battery is going bad, please contact your retailer.

  • Q: My unit does not auto advance when I move to the next hole.

    This is usually caused by an inaccurate map of the course being stored in the device.  Downloading the latest version of the course map should fix this problem.  You can press the “Up” or “Down” arrow to manually advance the hole if this happens.

  • Q: The website says my serial number is invalid.

    There are several reasons that a serial number may not be recognized during registration.  To determine the source of the problem and have it resolved, contact iGolf technical support via live chat at

  • Q: How do I enable/disable the auto-off function on my Neo Ghost?

    Disable Auto-Off
    - Navigate to the settings screen by pressing the “MENU” button - Use the up or down button to select “SETTINGS” - Press the “SELECT” button to confirm.
    - Use the up or down button to select “AUTO OFF” in the Settings screen - Press the “SELECT” button to confirm. - Use the up or down button to highlight and select “OFF”
    - Press the “SELECT” button to confirm setting.

    Enable Auto-Off (automatically powers down after 30 minutes without any auto-hole advancement or button presses)
    - Navigate to the settings screen by pressing the “MENU” button
    - Use the up or down button to select “SETTINGS” - Press the “SELECT” button to confirm.
    - Use the up or down button to select “AUTO OFF” in the Settings screen
    - Press the “SELECT” button to confirm. - Use the up or down button to highlight and select “ON” - Press the “SELECT” button to confirm setting.

  • Q: How do I change the modes on my Tour V3/Tour V3 Slope?

    Make sure your unit is completely powered down (this can be done by letting the unit remain unused for at least 30 seconds) – you will know the unit is shut down as there will be nothing shown in the eyepiece display.

    Step 2
    Press and Hold down the POWER/FIRE button located on top of the unit. Keep the POWER/FIRE button held down, and the unit will begin to cycle through the 4 available modes.

    - JOLT/Yards – displayed as JLT Y
    - Yards – displayed as Y
    - JOLT/Meters – displayed as JLT M
    - Meters – displayed as M

    Step 3
    When your desired mode is shown in the eyepiece display, release the POWER/FIRE button to select it.

    Step 4
    If you did not select the correct mode. Wait for the unit to power down and repeat step 2.

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